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    Product Lease

    Product Lease

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    Extension will give possibility for visitors lease products from shop for different terms.

    Main Features

    • Set minimum price of products available for leasing
    • Lease Configurable products
    • Set different terms and rates
    • Set different rates for each of lease periods
    • Lease process fully integrated in Magento checkout process
    • Use custom shipping service for leased products
    • Disable all other shipping methods for leased products
    • View list of orders with leased items
    • Get payment for whole lease period, or just for first month (day, year)
    • Manually set Start Lease Date for each product


    User guide

    Configuration — Product Lease

    For configuring module go to System->Configuration->Product Lease Configuration

    • Use lease module
      1. Enable or Disable extension
    • Use for products with price more than
      1. Set minimum price of leased products
    • Base Lease Price

      Price of leasing calculates as

      That’s mean that you want to get LEASE_RATE for each BASE_LEASE_PRICE of product price.

    • Default lease rate per Day
      1. Default rate for daily lease
    • Default lease rate per Month
      1. Default rate for monthly lease
    • Default lease rate per Year
      1. Default rate for yearly lease
    • Terms and Rates
      1. Set up custom lease rates for each of periods if necessary.
    • Use price for whole lease period during checkout
      1. If set to Yes, then user will pay full price for whole lease period.

    “System -> Configuration -> Shipping methods -> Product Lease Shipping Methods”

    Current shipping method can be used, if you will use lease extension. It has default set of configuration, but this method will be visible on frontend just if your user will make lease orders.

    Also you can disable all other shipping methods for lease process with this option: “Hide all other methods during Lease checkout”

    Product Lease Shipping Method



    If product can be leased, user will see block with lease options. Here he could select lease period and lease price.

    Product Lease shopping cart



    Orders list:

    Product Lease order


    Order view:

    Product Lease item order


    Order Mails

    Product Lease mail




    Product Lease orders grid

    Product Lease order view


    In order view you can setup lease start date

    Product Lease order date