Newsletter Groups

    Newsletter Groups

    Newsletter Groups

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    This extension allows to create groups of subscribers in order for sending Emails to different groups


    • Easy creation of Groups
    • Adding and Deleting subscribers from Groups
    • Selecting a Subscribers Group during Newsletter Template creation
    • Selecting a Subscribers Group during Newsletter Queue creation
    • Sending emails to subscriber groups
    • User can join a group of his interests
    • Subscribing same user to different groups
    • Fast adding of new subscribers by e-mail
    • Link Newsletter Group to Customer Group(s)


    User guide

    ADMIN - Newsletter Groups List Newsletter->Newsletter User Groups

    “Groups List View” Tab.

    List of existed groups. With such information as Group Name, Number of subscribers, List of User Groups linked to current Group, Creation Date

    Magento Newsletter Groups


    ADMIN - Creating Newsletter Group Newsletter->Newsletter User Groups->Add Group

    “Group Information” Tab.

    On this page you can set a Name of the Group, select Visibility of this group in the block of available subscribers on FrontEnd and add emails of subscribers manually if needed. Also you can link Magento User Groups to Newsletter User Groups.

    Magento Newsletter Groups Adminhtml Edit


    “Add Subscribers to Group” Tab.

    On this Tab you can select subscribers from database, which you want add in current group. After you selected needed customers you can save a Group by clicking on “Save Item”.

    Magento Newsletter Groups Adminhtml Add Subscribers


    Deleted Subscribers From Group

    When you edit some Group, you can delete subscribers from it. Just go to “Subscribers in Group” tab, select a needed Subscribers and click “Delete Item”.

    Magento Newsletter Groups Adminhtml Show Subscribers


    Creating a newsletter Queues and Templates.

    During Queue creation you can choose Newsletter Group assign to.

    If Group is selected, then newsletter will be sent to all subscribers from this group.



    If you set frontend visibility value to “Enable”, at least to one Group, you will see a Newsletter block on the left bar of your web-site.

    Magento Newsletter Groups Frontend Select

    Also you can give users a possibility to subscribe for different groups at the same time:

    Magento Newsletter Groups Frontend Checkbox

    Enable that you can in System -> Configuration -> Newsletter -> Newsletter Group Settings -> Allow users subscribe for multiply groups -> Yes

    Magento Newsletter Groups Adminhtml Configuration