Disqus for Magento

    Disqus for Magento

    Disqus for Magento

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    The Comment System for Magento, which will integrate famous DISQUS service into your Product and Static pages

    DISQUS - is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and has many other features.

    This extension will help you to integrate DISQUS comments plugin into your Magento Shop.

    Main Features

    • Enable DISQUS comments for all Products
    • Enable DISQUS comments for all Static Pages
    • Monitoring comments list from Magento Backend
    • Move comments to Spam directly from Magento Backend
    • Approve comments from Magento Backend
    • Extension localization for all languages supported by Disqus
    • Using widget for insert Comments on any Magento page
    • Using of SSO authorization for give to your users possibility write comments without any additional authorization


    User guide

    Configuration — DISQUS

    For configuring module go to System->Configuration->Disqus Settings

    • Disqus Settings
      1. Disqus Forum Code
      2. Enable Disqus For Static Pages
      3. Enable Disqus For Products
    • Disqus API Keys
      1. Disqus API Key
      2. Disqus API Secret
      3. Disqus Access Token

    Gettings Forum Code

    For enable DISQUS for your web-site, you need a Forum Code

    For this you should go to http://disqus.com and register a new site

    While creation process, you are creating a new forum code

    This key you should enter in your Magento Extension settings


    At this step extension is ready to work, and users can see comments blocks in your Shop. But, if you want to have possibility to manage comments via Magento Backend, you should add API Keys for your application


    Getting API keys

    Firstly, you need to register a new application

    Go to API section in disqus.com webpage (search for link in footer of homepage). Then click on "Register new application"

    Register New application

    After registration, please set Authentification settings to "Read, Write and Manage Forums"

    In "Details" tab you can find API keys

    Token Keys

    Api Keys

    Copy & Paste these keys in Magento Settings, and save



    Comments menu:


    Comments list:

    You can view comments list or move comments to Spam or approve and also delete them


    Magento Authorization

    For enable automatically Magento customer authentication on Disqus, you have to request a free add-on for your Disqus account. https://disqus.com/support/?article=contact_SSO

    And then you have to enable SSO authentication in the Settings of your API/Application: https://disqus.com/api/applications

    Now all your Magento users can post Disqus messages without any additional authorization