1. Newsletter Groups

      This extension allows to create groups of subscribers in order for sending Emails to different groups


      • Easy creation of Groups
      • Adding and Deleting subscribers from Groups
      • Selecting a Subscribers Group during Newsletter Template creation
      • Selecting a Subscribers Group during Newsletter Queue creation
      • Sending emails to subscriber groups
      • User can join a group of his interests
      • Subscribing same user to different groups
      • Fast adding of new subscribers by e-mail
      • Link Newsletter Group to Customer Group(s)
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    2. Product Lease

      Extension will give possibility for visitors lease products from shop for different terms.

      Main Features

      • Set minimum price of products available for leasing
      • Lease Configurable products
      • Set different terms and rates
      • Set different rates for each of lease periods
      • Lease process fully integrated in Magento checkout process
      • Use custom shipping service for leased products
      • Disable all other shipping methods for leased products
      • View list of orders with leased items
      • Get payment for whole lease period, or just for first month (day, year)
      • Manually set Start Lease Date for each product
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    3. Disqus for Magento

      The Comment System for Magento, which will integrate famous DISQUS service into your Product and Static pages

      DISQUS - is a global comment system that improves discussion on websites and has many other features.

      This extension will help you to integrate DISQUS comments plugin into your Magento Shop.

      Main Features

      • Enable DISQUS comments for all Products
      • Enable DISQUS comments for all Static Pages
      • Monitoring comments list from Magento Backend
      • Move comments to Spam directly from Magento Backend
      • Approve comments from Magento Backend
      • Extension localization for all languages supported by Disqus
      • Using widget for insert Comments on any Magento page
      • Using of SSO authorization for give to your users possibility write comments without any additional authorization
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